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What are the reviews of the customers after using nail services at L.A. Perfection Nails & Spa ? - nail salon 07080

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The emotions, the reviews...of the customers are very important to each of the staff at L.A. Perfection Nails & Spa . Let's see whether they like or dislike our nail services

L.A. Perfection Nails & Spa - Nail salon South Plainfield, NJ 07080

" Vi is amazing!!!! She is so detail orientated and takes the time to shape my nails perfectly every time. Her designs are amazing. I’m currently on my sixth week without a fill (just bc i haven’t been able to get in) and they still are holding on amazing! Shop is very careful with taking covid precautions!"

(5/5 stars - Melissa Dimaggio)

" There are no words to express the awesomeness and professionalism of Vi (Vee) my nail tech for the past 10 plus years. She is truly knowledgeable of the services you need and what is best for you. She treats her customers like family while making you feel comfortable coupled with great conversation. Vi, is very Professional, Friendly, Fun, offers you Exceptional Service all with a Comfortable and Sanitized Atmosphere. She goes far and beyond any nail tech I had."

(5/5 stars - Helena Ross)

" Hands down the best nail technician I've ever worked with is Mike! He is super friendly, takes his time to execute my nails and toes. Because of him, I give LA 5 stars!"

(5/5 stars - Cindy C. Blue)

" The staff is really nice & patient. David really tries to get to know how customers and his wife is so sweet ♥️ A reliable, and nail salon that cares about their customers."

(5/5 stars - Sara Alysia)

" I have been going to LA perfection for years and I go to Mike always. He is the best! He never rushes in doing my nails no matter how busy he is. My nails are done perfectly every single time. He helps me in choosing the right color and is passionate about what he does. He follows specific steps in doing my nails since my nails are not strong. Mike’s manicure technique helps my nails to stay as is for at least 3 weeks. Mike is the best!!!!!"

(5/5 stars - Ananya Krishna)

" Lena is awesome. She knows what she is doing and she does a great job. I always ask for her. I wouldn't want to change to someone else. Great job ? Lena."

(5/5 stars - Hassina Aponte)

" I love this nail salon! I’ve gone there for almost 2 years now. David and Christine are great!! Basically all of the women in my family go to LA Perfections and David has always remembered each of our names and how we like our nails done. The customer service is amazing and David does my NexGen perfectly each time and Christine always slays my eyebrows!! This is the place to go!"

(5/5 stars - Ashley Lynch)

" I’ve been going to L.A Perfection Nails & Spa for a little over 6 months and I have no desire to change up. I’ve always received great service from David and Diana!! Friends and family too are faithful going and love it! If your looking for great service at a reasonable price check out L.A Perfection Nails & Spa!"

(5/5 stars - Chey R)

" I absolutely 10000% cannot say enough great things about this place! David is the best nail technician I've ever had and I'll never go anywhere else. As a matter of fact, every woman in my office (at least a dozen) go to LA and we all love it. It's clean, they're all extremely nice and professional and you always leave there feeling amazing!! The pricing is also very reasonable, they won't rip you off. And if you get the NexGen, they will fix a broken nail for free!"

(5/5 stars - April Battaglia)

" As a woman you know you have to pick your own spot to get your nails done a recommendation is just not going to do it but this place is awesome clean nice techs... I think it's awesome but try it for yourself"

(5/5 stars - Neicy Fenwick)

" David is AMAZING. Loyal customer for about 5 years. Quality can't be beat and every ONE goes above and beyond. Their nexgen lasts forever, pedicures are super clean, and the salon itself is beautiful. If you go, ask for David, you won't regret it."

(5/5 stars - Alyson Martinez)

" This is my go-to nail salon. I fell in love with Nexgen! It lasts me about a month with no chipping. U.T. and Le always impress me. Sometimes I come along with crazy patterns, nail adhesives, etc and they are always willing to try them. I wish there were more Nexgen colors."

(5/5 stars - Nicole Brown)

So many customers choose to believe at L.A. Perfection Nails & Spa, Let's come to our nail salon to own your trending nails 

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